Finalizing A Dallas Local SEO Campaign

SEOToday any local business person in Dallas has such a powerful Dallas local SEO (search engine optimization)package that they can use to promote their business, that it is unbelievable. It is almost all free, you just have to learn how to utilize it, or hire someone who really knows what they are doing, so they can do it for you.

At this moment, roughly 60 per cent of all searches for items on the Internet search engines are being conducted on mobile devices. If your SEO for your business is not optimized for mobile devices, you are losing 60 percent of a potential market.

The newer SMS (short message service) is a service that can send out text messages to a predetermined area. Statistics show that text messages have a 99 percent open rate. How would you like to have your business in front of 99 percent of the people that  SMS is sent to?

So even if you have already done your Dallas local SEO optimization, it is time that you updated it so all of your online tools connect to each other, and that includes all of your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest too.

Facebook has a very powerful feature where you can target the type of customer you would like to have walk through the doors of your store or establishment. You can target geographically, by family makeup, age, gender, likes and dislikes for about any subject on earth, and then send them an ad on their timeline about your business.

You could send a discount coupon or a special ebook with information pertinent to their favorite subjects, or anything you wish.

Th opportunities are endless, so if you don’t know how to do these things yourself in the Dallas local SEO marketplace, hurry to your phone and find somebody who does.


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